Nov 28, 2016

A Royal Hamam jewellery piece is the perfect gift for the woman in your life looking for bohemian luxury and sterling quality. Making the right choice can be tricky – so we’ve done the hard work for you.



This is the starting point for any jewellery decision. Traditionally, identifying her skin undertones is a great start – women who are warmer tones (think skin that has a yellow or amber tone) tend to suit gold, while cooler tones (‘peaches n cream’, and fair skin that burns easily) suit silver and rose gold hues. If this isn’t immediately obvious, look to the inner wrist. If the veins there are more green, the skin has a warm tone. If they are blue, cooler tones suit.

Neutral, or still confused? Shop our mixed metal options and discover pieces that flatter everyone. Shop here. 



Like all thoughtful gifts, the best one is that which is worn as well as admired. What does your gift receiver do day to day that might dictate her jewellery decisions?

If your beloved is someone who works in health or is active with her hands, there is a good chance she is often taking off her rings, or is not wearing them at all. Our pick; a stunning necklace such as the Princess Necklace in silver is perfect and remains close to her heart, not in her jewellery box.

 If she works in a corporate environment however, a stunning ring is the perfect way for her to make a statement without flouting any strict uniform rules. Our pick: the gorgeous Taj Queen Goddess ring in Gold Silver for exotic impact.

Still confused? Earrings are a safe choice, as our best selling Mughal Curves in Small and Large have shown us. Choose your pick by finally thinking about…



What pieces do you see her choosing the most? Or perhaps your gift is perfect for nights out where more impact is made. Take a peek into her jewellery box and discover the common denominators – Are her earrings dramatic? Necklaces -delicate? Are there statement rings, or more sentimental pieces?

Our picks:


Subtle and feminineTaj Princess earrings in Gold

Bold and dramaticMystic Openings earring in Gold Silver

Understated eleganceWistful Necklace in Silver

Cant stop looking at it luxuriousWarrior Woman Cuff in Gold